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  • When:12/2/2012,13/2/2012
  • Business Design Centre 52 Upper Street London N1 0QH
  • Bantum clothing was spawned by Berny Bantum and side-kick Sim in reaction to a bunch of sucky jobs, but most importantly they found it hard to find a label that created bangers!

    We want Bantum to be like a music album where you don't want to skip a track. If there was a MJ's Bad or B.I.G's Ready to Die of the fashion game, that's what we'd be. 


    Berny Bantum a stealth Japanese chicken is the icon that represents the fundamental values of the brand. He is the mischievous, inner child in us that sees the world through bright colours, and bounces through life to the beat like Supermario. Transcending the sometimes dark, harshness of reality. 


    Bantum strives to produce high-end street-wear that pushes boundaries in its genre. Ultimately, being recognised worldwide for being one of the most innovative and quirky brands on the planet (but not just in street-wear!).


    Though the designs, events and music family Bantum seeks to inspire creatively and encourage people to embrace their inner child. We want to inspire a lifestyle that encourages people to live 'for what they love' and that they don't have to conform in fashion, as they don't, in any other

    aspect of their life. 


    Enjoy flicking through our 2011 collection, take time on the little details. Pack your toothbrush on your journey, as you'll no doubt much a flume or two. Don't be scared of the ninja bunnies, man up, grab your Berny balloon and you'll fly through it… 



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